Discover the Difference

Technology rules. We know. We just happen to think our people make eDiscovery better.

Here’s the Thing

The selection of your eDiscovery provider can be one of the most critical decisions a legal team makes. And yet this choice is often made as though we’re all pretty much the same. We’d like to suggest a different point of view. With a team of obsessively client focused, highly experienced eDiscovery professionals, backed by state-of-the-art technology and offering creative alternate pricing, we have a group of folks we think you’d really like to get to know. Discover our difference. Meet Cognicion.

People Power

We think the people using the computers are every bit as important as the programs on those machines. Our people are our critical edge. We have assembled a team of experienced and passionate legal sleuths – the best in the business.




Unsurpassed Judgment

As every attorney knows, a single document can make or break your case. At Cognicion, we believe the best technology is crucial to finding those documents, but the human minds behind the machines, are everything. Meet the team here.

We’ve Set the Bar

If you’re reading this, you likely know that eDiscovery includes collection, hosting and processing of digital data. We do all those things very well and more.

Client Successes:

Cognicion has proven to be a highly reliable strategic partner for me and my clients as a provider of eDiscovery data and managed review services. Their Project Management team executed flawlessly during the lifecycle of my recent matter. Communication was strong, and the quality of their work was high while their rates remained competitive and cost-effective.

Litigation Partner, AmLaw 100 Firm

Cognicion has taken my trials from stressful to stress-free! Cognicion offers unparalleled trial support and customer service. Their friendly and professional expertise has freed me up to assist the attorneys at trial while knowing the technology component is completely covered. Their experienced technicians will handle everything from pretrial exhibit preparation, deposition synching, liaising with court personnel, courtroom set-up, and operation of trial presentation software. They have demonstrated creative, out-of-the-box thinking to solve real time problems. I can’t imagine going to trial without them.

Litigation Paralegal, AmLaw 200 Firm

I have had the pleasure of working closely and successfully with Cognicion on a number of high profile and time sensitive matters. The Cognicion team has been responsive and professional in all of their efforts on behalf of my case team and our clients. Their client service team has proven time and again to be an excellent resource throughout the life cycle of our engagements.

Litigation Partner, AmLAW 100 Firm, Florida