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The Services You Need to Make Your Case

You have one shot to prove your case. Trust us to help you.


The Cognicion team uses time-tested project management practices combined with cutting-edge technology to help you take decisive action and achieve desired results. The Cognicion process is based on collaborative planning with all client and counsel stakeholders; leading practices adapted to your specific project needs; quality control embedded throughout the project; transparent communication protocols; and technology-leveraged document review. We want to be your team.

Our Services


In the world of eDiscovery, data volumes are often immense, time frames limited, and the risks of spoliation ever present.

We understand and can help. Cognicion offers a broad spectrum of eDiscovery solutions to help you address your long term and immediate regulatory, litigation, and investigative needs. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we take a collaborative approach to understanding your needs so that we can tailor a solution with the right strategy, technology, and pricing to deliver a successful outcome.


We offer two eDiscovery platforms, Relativity and Everlaw, for data processing, hosting, and productions. Our internal data and project management teams also leverage Teamwork to collaborate and to ensure that all projects are executed to their fullest potential.

Early Case Assessment & Analytics

Our ECA and analytic processes are built into all matters, beginning with the development of preservation and collection protocols, which allows us to apply ECA methodologies to limit the volume of data collected. Once data is collected, we leverage Relativity or Everlaw to process and filter the data population by relevance. Prior to review, our team will deploy analytic methods such as clustering, data visualizations, email threading, near-duplicate identification, and data sampling to further filter the data prior to review.

Managed Review

We believe—and it is the premise on which we have built Cognicion—that a well-trained team using the best available technology can provide high quality, cost-effective document review.

Our team of experienced project managers, technologists, and reviewers are exceptionally prepared to guide you through small investigations, complex Second Requests, and everything in between. We understand technology, and we will work with you to deploy the right tools, including concept clustering, e-mail threading, categorization, and predictive coding, so that eyes are only on the most relevant documents. To further ensure quality, our quality management process employs a Statistical Confidence Quality Assurance (SQA) program that requires all document sets to adhere to a statistically significant level of confidence before being released.


  • Project planning, budgeting, and oversight
  • Document review (including technology assisted reviews, foreign language reviews, and redaction and privilege log services)
  • Communication and documentation regarding key stakeholder communications
  • Status report development and distribution
  • Technology-leveraged quality control processes

Review Locations

Our headquarters and primary review location are in Richmond, Virginia. We have two other facilities located in Delaware and Texas. In addition, we can set up reviews in any location when appropriate space is available.

  • Richmond, Virginia – 200 Review Seats

Contract Review

Organizations that effectively manage their contracts can avoid legal and regulatory risks, maximize contractual value, and identify opportunities.

Understanding what’s within their contracts allows organizations to deploy a sustainable management program to maintain and act on their contracts. As regulation, volume, complexity, and lack of uniformity increase, the more difficult this becomes. To address these challenges and manage risk, we draw on innovative technologies and customized work flows that allow us to identify key information and terms, flag events, conduct due diligence, and streamline processes.


We leverage Heretik, a lightweight application that integrates into Relativity for contract review. Heretik combines pre-trained machine learning models to analyze contracts with a modern and lightning fast contract review interface to quickly locate, extract, and store critical data points from contracts.

Technology Assisted Contract Review

As contracts grow increasingly complex, we draw on innovative technologies and customized work flows to identify key information and terms, flag events, conduct due diligence, and streamline processes to help clients manage risk and ensure regulatory compliance. Cognicion’s disciplined contract review process combined with Heretik’s innovative platform promotes:

  • Increased Efficiency – Reviews finish up to 70% faster
  • Increased Accuracy – Mitigate human error
  • New Insights – Better understanding yields greater insights
  • Lower Costs – Faster, more accurate reviews lead to lower costs

Advisory Services

Help prepare your organization for the data challenges and opportunities ahead.

With new data privacy concerns, regulatory pressures, and increasing threat of litigation, it’s becoming increasing difficult for internal teams to effectively manage an organization’s growing volume of data. Yet if organizations don’t take a proactive approach to their data, they risk fines, loss of business, and higher eDiscovery costs. We offer a suite of services to help organizations take a proactive approach to data management, privacy and security, address emerging legal and regulatory challenges, and face rapidly shifting data threats.


  • Information governance and records management assessments/planning
  • Legal hold implementation
  • Deal room management
  • Data mapping and migration
  • Technology assessments and roadmaps


Our team understands data and that extends beyond traditional eDiscovery.  We bring the same disciplined approach to process and procedure to a wide variety of matters including:

  • Cyber security and data breach
  • Data privacy
  • Compliance and regulatory – GDPR/CCPA
  • Due diligence related to mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures


There seems to be a new article published every day in the legal press regarding the desire (read “requirement”) for more flexibility, transparency, and predictability associated with the cost of eDiscovery. At Cognicion, we hear you! We’ve created a suite of pricing models that are easily understood and designed to meet a variety of client requirements, ranging from individual matters with limited scale, to large-scale multidistrict or cross-border matters, to a portfolio of corporate cases and so on. We get that no two cases are necessarily identical, but we’ve built pricing models well suited for whatever you may need to tackle. We will work closely with you to develop a pricing model that best meets your budgetary needs and mitigates the likelihood of any surprises. Just give us a call. We want you to be successful, and we’re committed to doing it in a way that fits within your budget.

Standard Pricing

These are standard pricing models for a reason. They work for most matters and offer an acceptable degree of transparency and flexibility.

  • Line Item Pricing: A la carte pricing for each service performed. Also known as GB In/Out.
  • Per GB or Document: All inclusive, per GB or document pricing covering all or most services.
  • Hybrid Pricing: Some services are bundled together, while others are a la carte.

Alternative Pricing

In some cases, the standard pricing models aren’t optimal. Maybe you’re dealing with a massive amount of data, need a high level of predictability, or need help with a matter that’s just different. Whatever the reason, we can devise a pricing strategy that works for your organization.

  • Flat Fee: A single monthly fee for bundled services for when predictability is most important.
  • Contingency Pricing: Special pricing for qualified contingency matters.
  • Other Alternatives: We’re open to other pricing arrangements, just ask.

Managed Services

Our managed services offering affords your organization the highest level of predictability and greatest savings in fees. For a fixed monthly fee, you will have access to all services and talented project managers. We essentially become an extension of your team, available to help with anything that comes up. The benefits of a Cognicion managed service include:

  • Bespoke: Our managed services are 100% tailored to your needs.
  • Predictability and Savings: Set monthly pricing based on your needs and less than what your costs would be on a project to project basis.
  • Consistency: One main point of contact, standard and repeatable processes, and regular communications for all projects.
  • Strategic Gains: With all or most of your matters in one place, you’ll gain better insight into your data, allowing you make decisions and see opportunities based on your portfolio of matters.