The Devil is in the Details

Our obsession with the art of discovery is your critical edge.

Not Just Another eDiscovery Provider

We’ve been in the eDiscovery trenches and have tremendous regard for our competitors. Like them, we know all aspects associated with complex litigation and transactions and the eDiscovery associated with such matters. But we think we have something special to offer. Our team brings the technical know-how to help you achieve the results you need – no matter the size or press of the engagement.

So hear us out. Cognicion brings together a team of eDiscovery specialists who have worked together for decades with leaders who have unsurpassed expertise executing winning eDiscovery strategies. But it’s so much more than that.

Our team studied the opportunity to provide a new approach to eDiscovery – and realized when you get right down to the fundamentals, we could offer a critical edge. We have the technology, we have the commitment, we have the curriculum vitaes (as they say). But mostly, we have the people. We are engaged and enthusiastic and want nothing more than to help you win.

Why Cognicion?

noun cog·ni·cion \käg-ˈni-shən\
Derived from the word Cognition, conscious mental activities; the activities of thinking, understanding, learning, and remembering.

From Middle English cognicion, from Latin cognitio ‎(“knowledge, perception, a judicial examination, trial”)

We call ourselves Cognicion as a hat-tip to the process of reaching knowledge in the Middle English era. That’s the era that produced the Magna Carta and many of the rights at the foundation of the U.S. legal system.

About our Machines

The heart of these capabilities sits in an office park outside Richmond, VA. When you walk through our doors, you receive a warm welcome after which we’re all business. Behind our secure-lock doors, our teams of reviewers are scouring hundreds of thousands of documents looking for the communication that will make or break your case. We use the best technology available, and put it in the hands of the best team in eDiscovery.

Our Leadership

Spencer Cosper

President & CEO

Lorraine Venesky

Chief Operating Officer

Christopher McDaniel

Chief Revenue Officer