The Devil is in the Details

Our obsession with the art of discovery is your critical edge.

Not Just Another eDiscovery Provider

At our core, we focus on services in the eDiscovery space. But we’re not just an eDiscovery company—we are creative problem solvers who look for innovative and defensible solutions to challenges in the legal technology, contract management and information management industries.

Based in Richmond, VA, with additional managed review facilities in Delaware and Dallas, Cognicion has a deep understanding of evolving legal technology, contract compliance and information governance requirements, and significant experience assisting various domestic and international corporations with defensible, repeatable data management processes.

For our eDiscovery clients, we provide services that include basic forensic collections; scalable data processing and analytics; project management by experienced eDiscovery attorneys, technologists and data analysts; secure hosting; managed document review; data production; and trial support services in support of litigations and investigations. Our team can help you manage the data for basic to complex litigation cases, internal investigations, mergers and acquisitions, and governmental inquiries. Using time-tested, proven best practices, documented quality control processes and excellent know-how related to emerging data management and review technologies, we work smarter and faster to meet our clients’ critical document review and analysis needs. When we need to engage the services of third-party providers, we work with well-reputed and highly regarded partners to collect data in a forensically sound and defensible manner.

For our contract management clients on the buy and sell sides of transactions, our services include using technology to extract and identify important information—clauses, sentences, words—within contract documents. Our technologies also assist with provision identification, contract document coding and key word searching, as well as contract event flagging and program management.

For our information governance clients, our services include helping design, implement and manage information governance (IG) projects that bridge the often significant gap between legal and information technology departments. Our team of professionals include those with CISSP™ certifications who collaborate with clients to manage such IG topics as GDPR, data privacy training, controls, software and the associated timelines for implementation.

Cognicion provides competitive rates and flexible pricing models. Our strategic approach includes collaborative planning; standardized, repeatable processes; fixed fee and alternative fee arrangement pricing options.

Why Cognicion?

noun cog·ni·cion \käg-ˈni-shən\
Derived from the word Cognition, conscious mental activities; the activities of thinking, understanding, learning, and remembering.

From Middle English cognicion, from Latin cognitio ‎(“knowledge, perception, a judicial examination, trial”)

We call ourselves Cognicion as a hat-tip to the process of reaching knowledge in the Middle English era. That’s the era that produced the Magna Carta and many of the rights at the foundation of the U.S. legal system.

About our Machines

The heart of these capabilities sits in an office park outside Richmond, VA. When you walk through our doors, you receive a warm welcome after which we’re all business. Behind our secure-lock doors, our teams of reviewers are scouring hundreds of thousands of documents looking for the communication that will make or break your case. We use the best technology available, and put it in the hands of the best team in eDiscovery.

Our Leadership

Christopher McDaniel

President Chief Executive Officer

Lorraine Venesky

Chief Operating Officer