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COVID-19 Resource Center

In partnership with Hunton Andrews Kurth

Our Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on our daily lives and the way we conduct business. As we navigate this quickly evolving situation and plan for the future, our number one priority is the health and safety of our employees, their families, our clients, partners, and communities. Fortunately, we have built an agile business model and team that allows us to adapt and react without sacrificing safety or the quality of our services. The following are ways we are helping our employees and clients during this difficult time period.

Business Continuity

Remote Workforce

As of March 19, all Cognicion staff are working remotely. Due to the nature of our business, working remotely is a standard practice of our team and we have strict guidelines to ensure the high quality that our clients have come to expect.

Data Access and Availability

Our systems, both internal and those maintained by third parties will not be impacted by the pandemic. These systems will continue to maintain their 99.9% uptime and client access will remain the same.

Data Privacy and Security

Our commitment to data privacy and security remain unchanged. Existing data will continue to be stored at our highly secure facilities without interruption. We are asking new data to be sent via our encrypted file sharing tool. If that is not possible, we have safe and secure procedures for handling physical media. In addition, all employees and contractors are required to maintain a secure work environment in their private residence and to adhere to all applicable Cognicion policies, including (but not limited to) confidentiality, data protection, and anti-discrimination/equal opportunity.

Restricted Travel

All business-related travel is on hold until it is deemed safe for our employees and clients. During this time all meetings will be conducted virtually using Zoom or other technologies.

Helping Our Clients

We understand the challenges of conducting business during this pandemic. It is important to not only keep business moving, but to also prepare for investigative, compliance, and litigation related matters that this pandemic may trigger. Here is how we can help your organization persevere and even excel in the middle of and beyond the pandemic.

Cloud-based eDiscovery

During these challenging times when working remotely has become a necessity, Everlaw is a cloud-based eDiscovery and review platform easily accessible from virtually any location. In addition, the intuitive platform allows users to securely upload data directly to their workspace for quick access to their documents.

Remote Managed Review

Our remote review program powered by SecureReview allows us to maintain a high level of security and quality while our teams work safely from their homes. The remote review program consists of three components:

  1. Remote Approved Reviewers: All reviewers must meet specific remote review requirements prior to beginning a remote assignment. In order to be considered, reviewers must have a secure work environment, relevant experience, and demonstrate that they can maintain strong metrics working remotely.
  2. Secured Computers: All remote reviewers are issued secured, Cognicion computers configured with the same access controls as our in-house computers.
  3. SecureReview Platform: Review is conducted within a SecureReview virtual environment that restricts access to websites and email providers, while blocking downloading, printing, and copying (to external media) of any unauthorized information. In addition, biometric and photo identification security features ensure that only the authorized reviewer has access to the review environment.
Contract Review

One of the many business challenges organizations face is understanding their contractual responsibilities and liabilities. These types of reviews can be time consuming, but with the pandemic, organizations won’t be able to fulfill their obligations on an unprecedented scale. Our contract experts and specialized review technology can help organizations quickly assess thousands of contracts related to force majeure, termination and other relevant provisions.